About AWSS

The Association for Women Soil Scientists (AWSS) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization of women and men in soil science who support these goals:
1.      To establish and maintain high standards for professional women soil scientists;
2.      To promote and enhance communication among professional soil scientists;
3.      To promote a dialogue of soil information and to encourage an interchange with other technical and scientific communities;
4.      To promote better understanding of the role of soil scientists;
5.      To provide assistance and encouragement for women in non-traditional fields and for women seeking employment in the field of soil science.
For more details, see the AWSS Constitution and Bylaws.
AWSS is a member of the United States Consortium of Soil Science Associations (USCSSA).
AWSS is a membership-based organization and relies heavily upon volunteers to accomplish its goals. Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, we would welcome your participation.
New members are always welcome!
Fresh perspectives and energetic spirit keep an organization alive and strong. Pass the word on to your colleagues about AWSS. Discount membership rate for students.

AWSS History
AWSS History Timeline
Margie Faber, AWSS Historian, gives a concise chronology of AWSS from 1981-2000.
History and Genesis of AWSS
At the first and second AWSS meetings in 1991 and 1992,, founder Barb Leuelling talks about the beginnings of AWSS, her perspective on the present, and her hope for the future.
Women in Soil Science
Maxine J. Levin chronicles the history of women in the soil sciences 1895- present